Australian and international research has consistently found that people with a disability often make better employees because of higher attendance rates, lower turnover, good performance and safety records.

8 great reasons to employ a person with a disability:

  • Higher retention rates, so less to spend on training and recruitment
  • Fewer accidents at work, meaning lower workers compensation costs
  • Increased awareness of workplace practices and conditions
  • It shows your business is socially responsible
  • Potential growth of customer and staff loyalty
  • Increasing talent pool
  • Promote a diverse workforce
  • Reduce skills shortages

Eworks Employment Solutions runs a free service to help businesses hire people with disabilities. We offer ongoing assistance and training to help employees settle into their roles in an effort to sustain and maintain that employment.

6 great ways that Eworks will help you:

  • Wage subsidies
  • Government incentives
  • Additional financial assistance to cover costs, such as clothing and footwear
  • Modifying the workplace, or paying for assistive technologies or interpreter services

Eworks will provide tailored and ongoing support for employers for at least six months, if needed flexible support for longer periods can be provided to help all our participants transition into the workplace. This support will be tailored to the individual and will be there for the duration of your period with Eworks.