Eworks Employment Solutions (Eworks) started in 1989 providing Disability Employment Services from a single office in Swan Hill. Growth over the last 25 years has seen Eworks expand to include jobactive services, Disability Employment Services and Eworks Recruitment Solutions.

Our services are provided to over 6000 clients in the Goulburn Murray and Wimmera Mallee Employment Regions and we continue to deliver disability services to around 300 clients in the Mid-Murray (VIC) and Sturt (NSW) employment service areas.

The recent growth has enabled Eworks to hire over 100 local staff and deliver services from over 30 locations across NSW and Victoria.

Eworks commitment to providing quality services, strong governance and continual improvement in service delivery is reflected in our continued success and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our service locations across Victoria and New South Wales!

Who should read the Eworks Privacy Policy?

This Eworks Privacy Policy may be relevant to you if you deal with Eworks and are:

  • an employer;
  • a worker;
  • a job seeker;
  • a participant in a program or service delivered by Eworks;
  • a contractor, consultant, or supplier of goods or services to Eworks;
  • an applicant for a grant or a tenderer for a contract provided by Eworks;
  • a policy stakeholder who works with Eworks;
  • a person whose information may be given to Eworks by a third party, including Australian Government agencies
  • an academic or researcher;
  • an entrant in a competition conducted by Eworks;
  • a person seeking employment with Eworks;
  • a current or past employee;
  • any other individual whose personal information we may collect or hold.

Purpose of the Eworks Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Eworks privacy policy is to:

  • describe the types of personal information that we collect, hold, use and disclose;
  • outline our personal information handling systems and practices;
  • enhance the transparency of our management of personal information;
  • explain our authority to collect your personal information, why it may be held, how it is used and how it is protected;
  • notify whether we are likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients and, if so, to whom;
  • provide information on how you can access your personal information, correct it if necessary and complain if you believe it has been wrongly collected or inappropriately handled.

Full details of these practices are contained in the Eworks Privacy Policy.