with Eworks to help you get on the pathway to active employment

Your one-stop shop to finding and staying in the job that you have been looking for!

Let us help you…

  • With our 26 years experience and expert knowledge of the local area to make the most of every employment opportunity.
  • Develop a Job Plan – your own step by step program to finding work that will be reviewed at every appointment.
  • Get job ready with the training and skills that match what local employers are looking for.
  • Identify any work or non work related challenges you face and help you achieve your employment goals.
  • By making sure our expert staff from many different cultural backgrounds, including our Indigenous consultants meet your individual needs.
  • With accessing additional training and providing you with one on one or telephone support and mentoring for up to six months in your new job if required.

The EWORKS active pathway begins HERE


The first step is for you to come in, meet with our employment and recruitment experts and see what level of support is right for you.

  • Level 1
    If you are close to being job ready but need some practical support with training, résumés and the application process
  • Level 2
    To help you identify a more specialised level of support if you have any barriers or special needs to be overcome to help you get ready for a jobactive pathway
  • Level 3
    To help you find suitable work experience activities in work based environments if you are connected to Work for the Dole (WFD)

Eworks will provide you with…

  • One on one support to create your own Job Plan
  • The skills and training local employers are looking for
  • A team of specialised staff for every step of your jobactive pathway
  • Support to link you with training organisations, TAFE, workshops, apprenticeships and traineeship opportunities
  • Practical support in preparing résumés, applications and guide you through the interview processes
  • The tools you need to overcome any work or non-work related barriers
  • A selection of staff from many different cultural backgrounds including Indigenous communities

Eworks will support you with…

  • Matching you with live local jobs
  • The training and personal support you need to get ahead and stay happy in your workplace
  • Finding out if you are eligible for any grants or extra financial help with clothing or equipment to help get you settled
  • Personal and professional support for up to six months
  • Extra on the job training if required
  • Helping you to overcome any cultural, social or language barriers
  • Acting as your one stop shop for everything you need to find a job, keep a job and stay happy in your job

To search for jobs in your local area please go to:

the jobactive JobSearch website  or download the Job Seeker JobSearch App