Griffith a city of hard work!

NEW data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has indicated the Riverina has the lowest unemployment rate in regional NSW.

The Australian labour force data was released in June and indicated the 12 month average unemployment rate in the Riverina was 3.3 per cent compared to the rest of regional NSW, which had dropped to 5.7 per cent from 7.5 per cent in June 2015.

Employment Consultant at Eworks Employment Solutions Incorporated Christine Stead said she had noticed the positive change as compared to three years ago.

Ms Stead works with clients to assist people with disabilities, illnesses and medical conditions to gain and maintain ongoing employment within the Griffith area. “I have noticed a difference in the last 12 months in terms of turnarond,” she said. “I think overall if you can’t get a job in Griffith it’s a worry, if you want to work there are jobs out there.

“There is so much is happening in the Griffith community, there is a focus on opening doors for new businesses and with new business comes more employment opportunities.”

Ms Stead said she needs to look no further for a comparison than to fellow employee of Eworks Jess Jackson who works in both Griffith and Hay and said the difference between the towns was significant in terms of sourcing jobs for clients. “There is a huge amount of difference here there is a real buzz in Griffith,” Ms Jackson said. “In one week I have already found one of my jobseekers a placement here.”

Member for Murray Adrian Piccoli welcomed the news saying a strong NSW requires a diverse, productive and thriving regional economy. “The number of jobs in the Riverina grew by 6.6 per cent, that is an additional 5100 jobs in this region in the year to June 2016,” Mr Piccoli said. “We know from the Western Riverina Development Forum held in Griffith in May that there will be an increase of 1100 jobs in the next three to five years in the Griffith area, so business confidence is at an all-time high. With the Riverina leading the way the Government is focused on building continued business confidence, jobs and economic development to secure a strong future for our region.”

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