Eworks started in 1989 providing Disability Employment Services from a single office in Swan Hill. Growth over the last 28 years has seen Eworks expand to include jobactive services, Disability Employment Services and Eworks Recruitment Solutions. Eworks now delivers services from 37 locations across New South Wales and Victoria and employs up to 100 local staff.

1989 – Eworks was originally established and known as Open Employment Service (OES). It operated from a room in the Swan Hill Town Hall and was administered under the auspices of Swan Hill City Council. Its purpose was to assist intellectually disabled jobseekers to obtain and maintain employment in Swan Hill and surrounding areas.

1998 – The now Swan Hill Rural City Council relinquished the auspice when it was mutually agreed that OES be renamed Employability and become an incorporated association. A voluntary committee of management has overseen the corporate governance of the organisation and guided its direction since that time. Employability continued to deliver services to people with a disability, assisting them to obtain and maintain employment in the open labour markets of Swan Hill and Kerang.

2001 – Employability successfully secured funding to deliver services to people with a disability in Hay (NSW) thus providing a major opportunity for the organisation to expand and further develop the business across borders.

2003 – Eworks embarked on a new phase through its success in securing the tender to provide Job Network services within the Mid-Murray Employment Service Area (ESA). As a result Eworks changed their trading name from Employability to Employment WORKS to enhance its profile to employers and job seekers. At that point in time, Eworks consisted of two divisions Job Network Division and Disability Employment Network Division (DEN).

2010 – Growth over the years to offer further services with Eworks Recruitment Solutions, triggered the decision to change the name from Employment WORKS to Eworks Employment Solutions Incorporated.
Since September 2010 Eworks has been involved with the Swan Hill Rural City Council in delivering the Aboriginal Strategic Placement Program. Due to the ongoing success, Eworks has been recontracted until 30/06/2015. The Program requires the placement of 80 Aboriginal JSs into paid employment, including a Traineeship with Victoria Police. The project is delivered by Eworks (sub-contract), in a partnership with Swan Hill Rural City Council.
Eworks has continued to be successful in securing ongoing tenders through the Department of Education, Employment Workplace Relations (DEEWR) for Job Services Australia (JSA) and Disability Employment Services (DES).

2014 – Eworks was delighted to be offered the opportunity to provide JSA services in the Shepparton area and opened our 10th office in Shepparton. This saw Eworks become a provider involved with the phasing in of the 2014-2015 Work For the Dole (WFD) program.
Change of the Australian Government in 2014 saw DEEWR renamed to Department of Employment and retain responsibility for the JSA contract and Department of Social Services take on responsibility for the DES contract.

2015 – Eworks was successful in the jobactive tender process and won the contract to deliver jobactive services to 28 locations across the Goulburn Murray and Wimmera Mallee Employment Regions.

The new and expanded contracts mean that Eworks now provides services to over 6000 clients in the Goulburn Murray and Wimmera Mallee Employment Regions and continue to deliver disability services to around 300 clients in the Mid-Murray (VIC) and Sturt (NSW) employment service areas.

The recent growth has enabled Eworks to hire over 100 local staff and deliver services from 37 locations across NSW and Victoria.

Eworks commitment to providing quality services, strong governance and continual improvement in service delivery is reflected in our continued success and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our 34 service locations across Victoria and New South Wales!